Find the potential in your space with with Vesta Design Services. We assist you in visualizing your space in a new way and provide you with designs for your general contractor.


Our restoration carpentry focuses on wooden windows, doors and mouldings. Repairing wooden windows and doors is cost effective, boosts energy efficiency, reduces waste, and maintains the appearance of your home. We also have the ability to replicate nearly any moulding.


Restoring or repairing your home? Don’t know where to begin? Vesta offers maintenance and restoration inspections and planning. Our restoration and maintenance reports help you prioritize your repairs and use your budget in the most effective manner. We specialize in and understand vintage homes and their systems.


Vesta consulting services can assist you with your DIY project. Have questions about specific situations, want to learn skills, or verify you’re on the right track? Vesta is here to help!


Colleen Briner and Regis Will began Vesta after years of assisting friends and family with just various home improvement and maintenance issues. Colleen brings her excellent design sense and problem solving skill along with her understanding of traffic flow and utilization to Vesta’s design services.

Regis compliments her design skill with technical know how and experience in carpentry, tile installation, and home systems inspection. They live with their two children and dog in their 1880’s Pittsburgh home.